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Are You Ready For The Air Travel?

Air travel has now become an important, easy and popular way of traveling. This is so because of the busy schedule of everybody. Every person is running to catch the dead line. Another reason of the air travel becoming so usual lies in the fact that the universe has came closer because of the internet.… Read More »

Express Air

Express Air is East Indonesia’s favorite airline. Our daily scheduled service began on June 26th 2003, from Jakarta to Jayapura. Since then, Express Air, with its two Boeing 737s, has became the first privately owned, scheduled airlines connecting Jakarta, Makassar(formerly known as Ujung Pandang), Ternate, Sorong, Manokwari, and Jayapura . Express Air is currently in… Read More »

How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Flying is an expensive type of transport, so if nice if it is possible to save a little bit of money. And if you include all the extra fees, you have to pay it can seem hard to save any money at all. But it is not impossible to save some money on the airfare.… Read More »