Are You Ready For The Air Travel?

Air travel has now become an important, easy and popular way of traveling. This is so because of the busy schedule of everybody. Every person is running to catch the dead line. Another reason of the air travel becoming so usual lies in the fact that the universe has came closer because of the internet. Everything is just a click away.

Air Travel

Air Travel

Human needs change on regular basis. To get it in weekends, one has to travel fast. Also the business has spread the world wide because of internet. So many times one has to travel to the destinations once thought to be remote in the business point of view. The situation now is that, one cannot deny the air travel.

Now here are some common air travel tips. One must consider these air travel tips for a better and jerk free air travel.

Consider eating an apple at time of takeoff and landing to avoid air pressure in ears. Even chewing gums will solve the problem. To avoid any unexpected difficulty, try to reach on the airport at least an hour before the flight timing. Try to have one carry-on which is a bit smaller than the allowed minimum size. This is to stay away from the baggage check. Consider carrying your own food and water to avoid the thirst and hunger on flight. Carry at least a good book with you to avoid the boredom in the waiting period or even on flight. Go for a heavy breakfast before the flight on the airport. If you are the one feeling dizziness or nausea on flight, take the medicine before an hour to the takeoff.

If you have bought the air tickets online, check for the seat assignment. If the seat assignment is not mentioned, call the airlines to get it. In case of overbooking, you may be “bumped” out of flight in want of vacant seats to the next flight. The next flight may be after few hours or may be after full day. The advance seat assignment can reduce the risk of getting “bumped”.

The very important air travel tip is to make a note of the exits near your seat at the time of boarding. Also make a note of the number of your row from the exit. This may help you in case of emergency landing because of smoke or power loss.

You must also pay attention to the crew members. The instructions given by them are vital though they sound very boring to you. These instructions can save your life in emergencies. You must also go through the “aircraft emergency procedure manual” thoroughly before takeoff. You will get these manuals in the pouch of seat in front of you.

Don’t forget these air travel tips to enjoy your air travel. You can also share these air travel tips to make the air travel easier for others also.

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