Cathay Pacific Emergency Landing

A Cathay Pacific flight carrying 306 passengers has made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan, due to a problem with cabin air pressure. The Hong Kong-bound Boeing 747-400 flight was diverted to the city of Karaganda in the central Asian country about six hours after taking off from Amsterdam, Cathay said in a statement.

A passenger on the plane says everyone woke up all of a sudden with the lights on full, and oxygen masks coming down. None of the passengers or 20 crew were hurt in the emergency landing.

Cathay Pacific Emergency Landing

Cathay Pacific Emergency Landing

.All the lights came on full. It was a bit of a panicky situation and people were clearly anxious, but there was no shouting or screaming. Everyone stayed very calm in the circumstances.

A mayday signal was sent to Karaganda airport as the plane flew in, but none of the passengers or 20 crew were hurt, the airline added.

Cathay said it was investigating the incident, adding that a replacement plane brought back all of the passengers to Hong Kong on Tuesday.

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