Lion Air

Lion Air took to the skies from Indonesia in 2000 with one aircraft in its fleet. Within eight years of operation, Lion Air now flies to more than 36 cities in Indonesia and many other destinations such as, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam on a fleet of brand new Boeing 737-900ER.

Lion Air

As the largest private carrier in Indonesia, we offer passengers not only affordable airfares in the market, but safe, comfortable, reliable and convenient air travel.

  • Creating opportunities for new travellers and empowering budget-conscious customers to fly more often by making travel affordable with its consistent low fares.
  • Stringent cost controls through our operations so that we can keep our fares consistently low for travellers.
  • Maximising the number of sectors served by our aircraft per day with efficient air traffic planning.

Lion Air’s promises to utilise our ingenuity and innovation to provide passengers’ real cost savings in air travel not just through the provision of low airfares, but through a comprehensive range of Lion Air’s value-added services.


Consistent service delivery, safety and security are the foundation blocks of everything at Lion Air. Lion commitment to these attributes has resulted in our airline’s success.


Since taking off in 2000, we have taken numerous significant steps forward in bringing low airfares to more passengers in Asia. Journey through our milestones and discover all the highs of Indonesia’s largest low cost carrier.

  • Lion Air was the inaugural Chairman of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation (ARA) International Conference held in Singapore on 19 November 2003. Demonstrating the airline’s success of a low-cost carrier, Lion Air became the example for the trend of low-cost carriers in the international airlines industry. The airline was also regarded as a phenomenal low-cost carrier in Indonesia.

  • Lion Air garnered the ‘Best Brand Award 2004’ from SWA, a marketing magazine published in Indonesia. The results were tabulated from Marketing Research Specialist (MARS) based on a survey of 6,000 people in 5 major cities of Indonesia. Lion Air gained a 33.6% index with the potency of a brand name to increase the number of passengers in the future.

  • Lion Air was named the official airline for ‘Miss Universe’ and ‘Puteri Indonesia 2004’.
  • Lion Air leased its aircraft and sent its crew and technicians to Myanmar to help establish Myanmar Airlines.
  • Lion Air was assigned as the official airline for ‘Miss Asean 2005’.
  • Lion Air is the launch customer of the Boeing 737-900ER and the largest operator of Boeing 737-900ER, the newest member of Boeing’s Next-Generation 737 airplane family.

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