Flights To Basel

Basel is Switzerlands second largest city and has a tradition of scholarship and art since the Renaissance. As evidence of this commitment, the city has more than 24 museums for a population of 200,000 residents. Basel lies on the Swiss border with both France and Germany and is influenced by both these cultures.

Flights To Basel

If youre considering Basel as a holiday option this winter, youll be happy to hear that low fares and flight availability are in good supply. Because Basel has established itself as a growth center for budget airlines, carriers such as Easyjet are establishing major bases there in favor of the more expensive Zurich Airport. Fares start below 100 and go up to the mid 200s and flights depart from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glascow, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester.

Not a traditional Swiss ski town, Basel is filled with options for vacationers. As the cultural capital of Switzerland, you can and enjoy the art and culture, and the Dolls House Museum on Barfusserplatz or the Swiss Architecture Museum in Steingberg or The Karikatur and Cartoon Museum are just a few of the many options.

For seeing the sights, there are ample diverse options for doing this, such as the Cathedral, which is a dominating feat of the city. The Cathedral features red sandstone walls and twin towers. The first traces of the prophetic place dates back before 900AD. The recent Gothic Cathedral was completed not far after a harmful earthquake in-56

The Marktplatz is open on all days except Sunday.Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers are sold here. It is prevailed by the Town Hall (Rathhaus) where the government activities has taken place since the–th centuary.

The Mittlere Brucke (Middle Bridge), one of the oldest Rhine crossings, was funded in 1125 by selling of church treasures. Reflect on the Rhine as you wander over this bridge. Also, check out the amazing machine sculptures at Tinguley Fountain, a sculpture that symbolizes the town’s identity.

Explore Basels Old Town on foot so you wont miss any detail of the 15th century buildings as they mingle with modern works of international architects. Spalentor (Spalen Gate) is the most imposing of the three surviving city gates that date back to the–00s.

Basel also offers official city tours and christmas in Basel will enchant you with lights, trees, angels and stories of old Basel traditions.

To thoroughly introduce you to the formerly thriving Roman Town of August Raurica, you will see many representatives of the town, such as imposing ruins and meseum treasures.

When sightseeing in Basel, you can also go shopping for luxury items such as Louis Vuitton and Rolex. You can find books, fashion, shoes, and other specialities in antique shops, small boutiques, and high end department stores.

Basel is a great place to go out at night. You’ll discover everything from wild parties to comfortable bars, you won’t be disappointed.

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